MIND≒0 getting a North American localization by Aksys Games

It seems that GameStop has accidentally leaked that MIND≒0 is getting a localization.

I’ve heard about MIND≒0 before, it was one of the games that was shown off during the 2013 Tokyo Game Show. Developed by Acquire, the studio behind the original Tenchu series and Shinobido, and published by their new owners GungHo Online Entertainment, MIND≒0 at first glance seems to similar to the Persona games in terms of the characters using monster to do their fighting. However that is where the similarities stop as the game take place around Saitama Prefecture of Japan. Here is a trailer of the game showing of its dungeon crawling, battle system and its visual novel elements:

I can see why there are some similarities, but with MIND≒0 taking place in real locations and telling its story through the visual novel method, it will standout on its own. MIND≒0 will be seeing both a physical and digital release on May 27, 2014.


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