Yakuza Dead Souls Pre-order DLC

The Yakuza get into the patriotic spirit…..of America.

With only a week away, SEGA is making a final push to promote the latest Yakuza game, Yakuza Dead Souls with a new trailer. A trailer so ridiculous and funny that it will make you proud to be an American…..or have you laughing till you cry. Take a look:

Yes that is the American National Anthem in a Guitar solo playing in the background while Kazuya is mowing down zombies with an assortment of weapons while wearing an American flag t-shirt. It’s so corny that its awesome. Nothing says America like killing zombies with big ass guns and playing a bit of baseball. Personally I was already sold on this game, and now the trailer makes me feel that its my patriotic duty to buy Yakuza Dead Souls. 


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