XSEED to disturb fans with Corpse Party

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been truly disturb by a game. Not since games like the original Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Fatal Frame and Siren have made me want to play with my lights on.
Don’t get me wrong, current horror games like the Dead Space series, Condemned, and many other do scare me, but they didn’t leave that lasting impression like the first group of games I mentioned. XSEED, known for publishing games like Ys series, Wild Arms 4&5 and Trails of the Sky, have decided to dip in to the horror/VN genre with the game Corpse Party. Laugh at the name all you want, but take a look at the Japanese opening for the game, you’re sure to change your tune:

The story so far(at least from my understanding)is this: years ago four children went missing after-school one day. A few days later they are found brutally murdered. Years past and the school gets demolished and a high school gets built on top. Nine friends from class 2-9 are suddenly transported to the ruined school, where souls of those who suffered horrific deaths are wandering around, wanting new companions. I’ve done a bit of research and digging for a bit more information about the game, and well…..it’s going to be interesting to see how XSEED will handle the localization of the game with all of the….. gruesome descriptions of deaths the characters encounter. Either way, XSEED and Corpse Party has my attention and I can’t wait for the game to release this Fall.


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