Wolfenstine The New Order gets a release date and new trailer

The granddaddy of FPS games makes a comeback this May.

Out of all the time periods to place first person shooters (FPS) my personal favorite is during World War II. Yes while you have the first few Call of Dutys and Medal of Honors, I liked games that put as much emphasis on story as on gameplay. Games like Brothers on Arms, Sniper Elite, and of course the granddaddy of all, Wolfinestine. Now Wolfinestine has seem various changes to the original  story of BJ Blazkowicz and his fight against Robo Hitler. From trying to create undead/zombie Nazis to finding ancient occult artifacts, the Wolfenstine series always dealt with the supernatural. Not so with the latest game in the series, Wolfenstine The New Order. Or at least that is what the following trailer wants us to believe:

As you can see the Nazis somehow have obtained techology that gave them the edge and won the war. BJ has been in a coma for the past twenty years and finally wakes up pissed that Nazis have taken over the world. It is up to him and the resistance to put an end to the New Order. You can help shoot Nazi scum when the game releases on May 20, 2014 across all platforms.


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