Vita Slim coming May 2014, bundled with Borderlands 2

North America is next in line to receive the Vita Slim this Spring.

When the Vita Slim was revealed at Sony’s pre Tokyo Game Show press conference last year, some people were underwhelmed. Me personally, I was pretty excited, Sure the OLED screen was swapped out for a power saving LCD screen, but the system itself is thinner, has more battery life and has an internal 1GB of memory for save files. At first no one was sure if the slimmer Vita would make it to the West. All doubt was casted away as last month the EU was the first region to receive the Vita Slim. And now it’s North America’s turn. Check out the following trailer that was posted on the Playstation Blog:

Not only is North America getting a slimmer Vita, its coming in a really nice bundle. For $199.99, which is the current price of the Vita right now, you will be getting a 8GB memory stick as well as the Vita version of Borderlands 2. Personally I was debating if I should get another Vita, you know have one that has my personal games on it and the other be for working on reviews. With this on the way, I just might be swayed into getting one.

Source: Playstation Blog


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