Valve entering Japanese arcades with Left 4 Dead Survivor


Light gun games are probably my second favorite arcade game right next to shmups. For the most part, they’re easy to play, don’t really cost that much to play and can be made even more fun when you have a second player right next to you. But there hasn’t been really any innovation to the core mechanic, at least that what I think, in years. Then games like GunSlinger Stratos and Metal Gear Solid Arcade come out to try and shake things up a bit. But what if an American developer wanted to make an arcade game for the Japanese arcades? How would that turn out? Well this is what you get:






Valve and Taito teamed up to bring out Left 4 Dead Survivor. At first it may seem like its going to be a light gun game, I know I thought that too. But then an photo from a recent location test shows how the cabinets will look like, and they don’t look like traditional light gun cabinets:





If you look closely you can see it looks to be a mouse and analog stick configuration instead of a either a controller or keyboard set up. If you would like to know more about this arcade game, ,click the link below.


Source: http://seizonsha.jp/


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