Valkyria Chronicles to receive a PC port

Its been about six years since the original release of Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3 and after all that time has past, fans are still in love with the series.But for some reason SEGA didn’t share the same sentiment as fans did and have regulated the series as a Japan only release after the third game. Fans have campaigned for the release of Valkyria Chronicles III or at least a console HD  remaster of all three games, but to no avail. All hope was lost till someone noticed that PEGI, the European version of ESRB, rated Valkyria Chronicles for the PC. Fans took to social media to ask SEGA what is going on. To which in SEGA replied on Twitter the following:



While no details have been revealed yet, Valkyria Chronicles will be coming to the PC. Hopefully the fans show enough interest to persudae SEGA to either release Valkyria Chronicles III on the Vita or do some type of  HD remaster of all three games.


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