Tomb Raider multiplayer first look

Around the start of the new year OXM had revealed that there would be multiplayer modes put into the game by Deus Ex Human Revolution studio Edios Montreal. Now in the latest developer diary, the reason why multiplayer is in the game is explained.

The developer diary series, Tomb Raider The Final Hours, shifts from the warm sunny offices of Crystal Dynamics in Redwoodcity CA, to the frozen north of Edios Montreal in Montreal, Canada. In the video we get several glimpses of multiplayer in action as Edios producer of Joe Khoury explains what players can expect to see:

From the looks of it, Tomb Raider’s multiplayer looks a lot like Uncharted 3’s multiplayer but more visceral looking and more emphasis on survival. Personally I enjoyed UC3’s multiplayer so I think I might give Tomb Raider’s mp a go.


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