Time Crisis 5 to get 2015 Japanese arcade release

While the arcade scene here in North America has been on a constant decline over the past decade or so, Japan has been enjoying new arcade releases. One of these new releases happens to be a classic light gun game that defined the genre and inspired waves of similar games. That game is Time Crisis. It’s been about eight years since Time Crisis 4 was released and now Namco Bandai is bringing the series back to Japanese arcades with Time Crisis 5. Time Crisis 5 was shown off to the Japanese press during a event held by Namco.

While the game will still have the traditional feel of previous Time Crisis games, Time Crisis 5 will introduce new mechanics. One new mechanic is the ability to attack from a different side. See the arcade machine has been redesigned to have two pedals instead of the single one in previous versions. So for example, a player encounters  an enemy that has a shield and the player cannot get a clean shot because the enemy is shooting back and is protected by the shield. Instead of trying to wear the shield down, the player can either double tap the left or right pedal to move to a better shooting position where the enemy is exposed. The guncon gets an update as well, now sporting a more sleeker look and a switch that lets players switch between weapons.








The game is set to launch in Japanese arcades sometime in 2015 with three levels at first and will double that before the end of the year.


Source: Game Watch


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