The villains of J-Stars Victory Vs get a chance to shine, Ken and Raoh appear

The villains would have taken the spotlight in this trailer for J-Stars Victory Vs, but they are already dead when Ken and Raoh show up.

For a ton of anime fans in Japan and around the world, the lineup of characters for J-Stars Victory Vs is their childhood. But enough about those goody goody, it’s time to be bad. In the latest trailer for the game a few notable villains get introduced. Then near the end you will already be dead when two of the most manly men make their appearance:

YO IN SHOCK, right? Sorry I just had to say that. Anyways Ken and Raoh from Fist of the North Star will be entering the brawl. I really wish that this game would have a chance to come to the West. I mean if Saitn Seiya and One Piece can make it, why not this game. 


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