The One Winged Angel soars on to Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade



Ever since its release in Japanese arcades, the Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade game has been receiving updates every few months. These updates are either balance updates or new character additions. The last update that the game received was a character update in the form of ACE from Final Fantasy Type-0. This month the game received another character update. As many of you might know who it is by the title of this article, he really doesn’t need an introduction. So here is Dissidia’s latest character entry:



Sephiroth, one of the most iconic and favorite villains from the Final Fantasy franchise makes his debut and it looks like he is not holding anything back. In addition to his reveal trailer Square Enix also release a battle trailer that shows a sampling of Sephiroth’s moves:



If you happen to be in Japan this month, find an arcade that has Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade and become the One Winged Angel.


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