The Gaming Buddha now on SoundCloud

After days and months of researching, data gathering and listing to other podcasts for ideas, I have finally jumped into the realm of podcasting. The Gaming Buddha has posted it first podcast, Episode 0 on SoundCloud. I was apprehensive at first because for the longest time that I have always been a writer first, speaker second. I am the type of person who like to research and write about the topic. Sure I’ve done public speaking before, but that was more on the academic side of things, where everything said was prepared in advance.

With the podcasts that I’ve looked to for inspiration, they seem more relaxed, off the cuff and less  formal. They seemed much more confidant in what they were talking even if they tend to go off topic once in a while. With take after take I tried to imitate that confidence that they had. Then I realized that they only reason they were like that was that they were just being themselves. With that In mind, I just decided just to be myself and jump right into it. So with out ado this is episode 0 of The Gaming Buddha podcast. I hope to make this a weekly or bi-weekly thing so please subscribe to get notified when a new episode is up. And if you have any comments about the format, please leave your comments.




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