The Arisen finally comes to PC in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

One of my favorite RPGs of the last generation of consoles besides the Dark Souls series was Dragon’s Dogma by Capcom. And like Dark Souls its hard to explain why I liked it so much, since there’s so much to point out. From the story and cast of characters to its extensive character creator, the ability to play however you wanted and the Pawn system, Dragon’s Dogma was was everything I wanted in an RPG. And let’s not forget the awesome intro that plays in the main menu:




A bout a year later a re-release/expansion called the Dark Arisen was released. For those who didn’t pick up Dragon’s Dogma the first time around didn’t have to worry because physical copies of Dark Arisen came packaged with the original game on the same disc.


Now some three years later PC gamers will finally be able to experience the adventures of the Arisen when Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen comes to Steam next January for $29.99.


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