TGS 2017: Square Enix give more details about Left Alive, releases new trailer


During Sony’s pre-TGS press conference, Square Enix revealed what seemed to be a new IP in the form of Left Alive. Since then Square held their own livestream, Square Enix Presents, to show off several new titles, updates to current games and other bits of info not mentioned in Sony’s presser. And during that livestream, Square revealed more information about Left Alive and released another teaser gameplay trailer. First up is the trailer that was show during the livestream:



So it turns out that Left Alive is a survival action game that takes place in the Front Mission series, more specifically it takes place between Front Mission 5 and Front Mission Evolved. The game takes place in the middle of a war in Russia 2127 and will have three protagonists, as seen in the main promo art/image. While the series is known for the giant Wanzer mechs, players will spend most of their time trying to avoid them but will occasionally be able to hijack one and pilot it. Its going to be interesting to see how Square Enix handles a survival action game, as this looks like this will be developed in house and not at one of Square’s Western studios or third party partners. Left Alive is set for a 2018 release for PS4 and PC in Japan, No word yet if it will be seeing a Western release.



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