TGS 2017: New Earth Defense Force 5 trailers shows kaiju vs mech battle


Earth Defense Force (EDF for short) has to be one of the most absurd yet ridculiously enjoyable series that I’ve ever played. For those who don’t know what EDF is, imagine a Godzilla movie from the 80’s and 90’s. Ever notice the military armament that’s trying to take him down? That’s basically the EDF in nut shell and the game puts you in the boots of an EDF fighter and has you defend Japan from all kinds of attacks ranging from alien invading ants to said giant monster. Now after several remakes and ports, developer D3 Publisher is bringing a brand new EDF game to the PS4 and has released the latest trailer for it at TGS 2017 this week. Here’s the new trailer below:



New to EDF is now the ability to pilot the giant mech Barga and properly go toe to toe with giant monsters. EDF 5 will be releasing on December 7, 2017 in Japan with no word yet on a Western release.If we want this one to make it to the West as well, we just have let D3 Publishing know by saying “EDF! EDF! EDF!”.


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