TGS 2017: Final Fantasy XV Universe trailers shows off new content



Square Enix has made it no secret that they plan to expand Final Fantasy XV like how they did with Final Fantasy VII. Unlike FFVII with its various spin offs, they believe that there is still much story (and there is) to tell in the world that they created in FFXV. So much so that they have dubbed the oncoming collection of DLC, expansons, updates, the anime and the movie as the Final Fantasy XV Universe. This universe fits into their plans of turning games into a service. At TGS 2017, they released a trailer that showcases everything that will be apart of the FFXV universe:



I’m glad that Square is still keeping players invested in Final Fantasy XV and I’m glad that we’re getting more content for the game. I’m just a bit wary about what this will mean for future Square Enix projects moving forward. For now the future of the Final Fantasy XV Universe looks bright.


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