TGS 2017: D3 Publishing teams with Yuke’s for Earth Defense Force Iron Rain


To continue on the EDF train, D3 Publisher has teamed up with Yuke’s (WWE 2K series) for EDF game called Earth Defense Force Iron Rain. The differences between this and EDF 5 are very noticeable.For one, EDF 5 and previous games before it thrive on the campy sci-fi and kaiju movies that it takes inspirations from. Iron Rain seems to be a bit more serious in tone, and feel more like a summer blockbuster movie from this generation. Not to mention the trailer was all in English (though there is a Japanese trailer too but this one is main one being shown off). Here’s said English trailer:



IF the West doesn’t get EDF 5, I think this would be a more suitable release. Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is set for a release sometime in 2018.


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