TGS 2015: New Bloodborne expansion kicks off Sony TGS press conference

The Tokyo Game Show (TGS for sort) is this week and Sony kicks things off with their TGS 2015 press conference. Many developers were in attendance showing off what Japanese gamers, and in some cases gamers worldwide, can look forward to coming out either this year and in 2016. To kick things off, Sony and From Software revealed the very first expansion to Bloodborne called The Old Hunters. Here is the trailer that was shown off during the conference:



From what I can gather from the trailer, hunters will have new locations to explore and enemies to fight. What was most prominent in the trailer though was the weapons. It looks like that there will be new melee weapons included in the expansion and it also seems that the developers have added a bow for silent ranged combat. It looks like that they also added new shields that don’t break as easily and it seems that magic has been added in. Even with all of the changes that have been added, I’m sure that From Software made sure that this expansion is no walk in the park. The Old Hunters expansion is set to release globally on November 24, 2015. But for those who missed out on Bloodborne the first time, a limited edition of the game called “The Old Hunters Edition” will be released on December 3, 2015. This edition comes with the game, a collectors box, music CD and a game artbook.


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