TGS 2015: Gravity Daze and Gravity Daze 2 revealed for PS4

Does anyone remember Gravity Daze, aka Gravity Rush as it was called in the West, one of the first games that came out for the Vita? Personally I thought it was a great game for the Vita, showing off how it can integrate its internal gyroscope with the game’s physics engine. It was well liked, but most said it would have been better if it was on PS3. Well Sony announce that they will be updating Gravity Daze and porting to over the PS4 as Gravity Daze Remaster. Here’s the game in action:



Gravity Rush Remaster is set to release globally February 9, 2016. There will be a collectors edition that comes with a limited edition box and figma figure, but that will only be exclusive to Japan:





Right after the Gravity Daze Remaster announcement, Sony also revealed that there will be a Gravity Daze 2 and it its currently under production. Here is the trailer that was shown off:



Gravity Daze 2 will be released globally sometime in 2016.


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