TGS 2014: Its robo vs kaiju in latest trailer for Earth Defense Force 4.1

At Sony’s pre-TGS conference last week D3 Publisher, the developers of Earth Defense Force, showed off a teased trailer to¬†Earth Defense Force 4.1 for the PS4. While the game is an enhanced version of Earth Defense Force 2025, the end of the trailer teased something big that the EDF have never faced off before: kaiju. Space bugs? No problem. Giant robots? No sweat. Kaiju? Better call in reinforcements cause that might be a bit out of the EDF’s league. Not to worry though, as this new trailer that was shown off at TGS this weekend, the EDF has an ace up their sleeve. A giant robotic ace:



It’s about time the EDF got serious. You would think that with a series that has a task force that protects the Earth from giant robots and bugs would have already covered a kaiju vs robot battle. Regardless, EDF fans should get excited for a battle of cheesy and epic magnitude. The game is set for a 2015 release in Japan. As for a Western release, it is totally possible since the last EDF game, 2025 saw a Western release this past February 2014.


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