Terror Expo 2016: Urban Beardster interview



In the past, beards, much like tattoos, carried a certain stigma about the. Most people thought that men who have beards were tough, bad and unkempt people. When people think of beards, they imagine bikers, pirates, cavemen. However much like tattoos, people’s perceptions of beards has changed over the centuries and even in the past couple of years beards have developed their own culture and communities of other bearded people.

Now if you choose to grow a beard, you are going to need some special care products in order to keep that beard look nice and neat. With that in mind, Terror Expo correspondent NoahMoises talks to the Urban Beardster about his line of beard care products, bearded merchandise and carriity work  that the bearded community does:



For more information about the Urban Bearster, his line beard care products and future events he will be at look for him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and at urbanbeardster.com


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