SUPERBEAT XONiC first impressions

Fans of the DJMax franchise, throw your hands up and get ready for the beat to drop. Its been a couple of years since the release of DJMax Technika Tune. While there are other rhythm games for fans to keep busy, none could match the intensity that the DJMax franchise brought. It was as if you had your own private club that could fit in your pocket. Now the beats are back as PM Studios and Acttil as set to release SUPERBEAT XONiC on November 10, 2015 for the Vita and the Playstation TV. Acttil was kind of enough to send me a copy of the game for my first impressions.
The main star of the game is of course the music. There are 50 different tracks in the game ranging from House and Trans to K-Pop and Dance. Also within those 50 tracks, fighting game developer Arc System Works has contributed tracks from their fighting games Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. The interface has changed from Technika Tune greatly. I don’t want get too much into the details since this is a first impressions, but XONiC’s interface is big improvement. Now add the three different difficulties that are in the game, and you have a never ending party going on.



I’m enjoying SUPERBEAT XONiC so far. It has become one of my go to quick pick me up games that I can play in five to ten minute bursts when not playing a longer game. Now I’m just waiting to see what track the game will offer for DLC when the game releases next month the 10th. Until then I’ll just keep jamming the night away.


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