Studio Trigger’s next project, Ninja Slayer, to be revealed at Anime Expo 2014


Summer is here and that means two things for anime fans: Anime Expo is almost here and the summer anime season is about to start. While both new and returning shows will be airing, this is also the time that brand new seasons and brand new shows are announced/revealed at Anime Expo. One such new show that will be making its AX debut is Ninja Slayer from Studio Trigger, the studio behind Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia. You may be thinking, “Another ninja anime, what’s so special about that?” How about the fact that the manga that the show will be based on was written by two English writers, released on Twitter and is now a hit in Japan?


Ninja Slayer is a tale about a salaryman named  Kenji Fujikido whose wife and child were killed in the middle of a ninja turf war. As he lay dying, Kenji is possessed by a ninja soul known as Naraku Ninja and cheats death to be come the Ninja Slayer.


As mentioned before, Ninja Slayer is being produced by Studio Trigger, the creators of Kill la Kill, so expect a lot of over the top action. The show will get its first reveal teaser trailer at AX 2014 followed by a Q&A session on July 3. So if you’re heading out to AX next month and want something new to get excited about, be sure to attend their panel.


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