Street Fighter V reveled with teaser trailer, coming exclusively to PS4 and PC

As a new generation of consoles starts, so does a new cycle of genres for said systems. Now is the time for developers to claim their stake and become the shining example of what games should be in their respective genre. For fighting games, that game for the longest time was Street Fighter. Sure there are other games that are bigger and just as popular as Street Fighter, but Street Fighter was one of the first to set the standards. It was the one that inspired  a few people to come together to hold one of the largest fighting game tournaments in the world. It was the game that taught us after we lost to “Go Home and Be a Family Man”. It has formed the deepest of friendships and the hypest of  rivalries. So it make sense to have Street Fighter jump into the next get. The only question was a matter of when. It seems that fans might not have to wait for long. Today a motivational teaser trailer was released (most likely leaked since its subtitled in Japanese) showing clips of various people of various nationalities playing some form of Street Fighter. As these images are displayed and the narrator talking over them, clips of Ryu and Chun Li from Street Fighter V are played in between:


The trailer ends with the words “Rise Up” coming into frame and the new SFV logo. Now what will surprise and even anger some people is that the game will be exclusive to the PS4 and PC. This also marks the first time a Street Fighter game will be released on console and PC before the arcade. The reason some might be angry is that a few months back, Square Enix and Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has announced that the new next gen Tomb Raider game, Rise of the Tomb Raider, would be an Xbox One exclusive. This had fans in a rage because it was believed that the game was going be a multiplatform game. SE later released a statement that Rise of the Tomb Raider would be a one year timed exclusive. Capcom has not made any statements or clarifications as of yet, but I’m guessing that everything will be answered at tomorrow’s Playstation Experience event. Yoshinori Ono, producer for Street Fighter IV and Deep Down, will be at the event showing of what Capcom has in store for Playstation fans. This could also explain where the leak came from.


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