Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set

Street Fighter is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. 25 years of Hadoukens, Shoryuken, and KOs. 25 years of a franchise bringing together a community. And what better way to celebrate such a important series in gaming history than a Anniversary Collector’s Set.

I’m a sucker for collector/limited editions versions of games. Extra DVD, music CDs, art books, I’m all for packing in extra content and paying a few bucks more. But when I saw what Capcom was offering for the 25th anniversary set for Street Fighter, I flipped:

Check out the trailer they also made for the set:
This Anniversary set is packing a lot of content, four games, two blu rays that have BTS videos, the two SFIV anime movies, the SFII anime movie, the SF animated series (I hoping its Street Fighter II V) a 11 disc music collection going over all the theme songs from all of the SF games, a relica of Ryu’s gi belt, a 8in figure of him doing a Shoryuken, and all packaged in a really nice box.  


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