State of the site updates: Post PAX South coverage, getting back on You Tube/Twitch, and welcoming a new member

It’s time once again for one of my sporadic state of the site update things. First off I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and good vibes last month. My mom’s passing really took us by surprise and have left my household a bit more empty and quite. She was a strong, loving and very stubborn, but it was that stubbornness that caused her to never give up and to always find other ways. She was very supportive of the site even though it just a bunch of guys talking about video games and other geeky things. Though she may not have understood much, she knew that it made me happy and encouraged me to take things as far as I can go. And I plan too. So thanks again for all the support.


Now on to business: doing the PAX South previews was a lot of hard work but help out the site a lot. So we will continue to do preview pieces. These won’t be restricted to just video games either, which I will explain in a bit. Speaking of PAX South, coverage of the event was successful and we managed to get a ton of interviews and gameplay impressions. So between this week and next week expect to see a lot of post PAX South coverage. Of course this will take some time which brings me to You Tube and Twitch. We will be getting back on to making You Tube video and streaming on Twitch to fill in the gap between reviews, event coverage and the like.


Finally I would like to welcome a new member to the Gaming Buddha family,  Sammantha Sumie Sakura Hashimoto. Sammy aka Sakura is a old friend of mine and actually was the one who pointed me into the direction of my previous place of employment. Now things have come full circle and she has joined myself, my brother and artist Haelen. She has already introduced herself on the site’s FaceBook page, but for those who might have missed it here she is again:


“Kon’nichiwa!! My name is Sakura Hashimoto and I’m the new staff writer for Gaming Buddha! Yaaaay! A bit about me, my name is Sammantha Sumie Sakura Hashimoto and I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. I spent a lot of my teen years in college and arcades. I’m not your average gamer girl who simply picks up a DS or a Wii, though I love both. I’ve been in many tournaments and was a part of MLG before it was so simple to get in. I worked for Sony Studios in Japan for 3 months that I would go back home to visit, also worked at Game Stop, EB games, and Game Over. I have an associates in virtual and gaming design! I want to thank Mike for allowing me to join his crew and I’m excited to be here.”


In addition to video games, she will be covering anime, movies and other things such as aforementioned preview pieces. She also has her own personal blog that will be covering things that might the site might miss out on, her personal thoughts not related to the site/official oped and other things  from nerdy recipes and just random thoughts. I will leave a link her blog here, and will place a link in site’s “Sites You Should Follow” section.  So be sure to follow her here and on her blog as well.


That wraps up this updates post. Be sure to keep your eyes on the site over the next week or so for PAX South coverage and some You Tube filler in between reviews. Thanks for reading and without you guys we wouldn’t exist so we appreciate every comment, click and like that you all give.


Mike V, EIC


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