Square releases PS4/Arcade Dissidia Final Fantasy comparison video, gameplay trailer and command list

this past weekend Square Enix revealed some more information about the upcoming arcade fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy. They revealed that the game was being developed by Team Ninja, that the game was using PS4 system tech and showed what the arcade cabinets would look like. Yesterday SE released two more videos. The first video is an extension of the video that was released during the weekend, but now show actual gameplay with a proper HUD:



The next video is a side by side comparision of what the arcade version and the PS4 version of the game looks like:



It seems (at least in my opinion) that the PS4 version of the game looks a bit better graphically, but since they’re both using PS4 tech its hard to tell. This week also marks the first round of location tests for the game. In preparation for this, SE released the command lists for six of the playable characters:



Hopefully we’ll hear more about the game’s mechanics as the first round of location tests start this week.


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