Square Enix announces release date for World of Final Fantasy, releases new trailer



Square Enix has been doing a ton of experimentation with the Final Fantasy franchise in recent years. From several mobile games and an arcade game to having the series mix with different elements that stray away from traditional Final Fantasy elements Square Enix is trying to cover as many consumers as they can, much to the chagrin of long time fans.  However there have been some recent titles that have caught both the newbie and the seasoned fan, one of which is World of Final Fantasy for the PS4 and Vita. From what we know about the game, you play as twins Reynn and Lann as they travel through the land of Grymoire to find their lost memories.

Along the way they will encounter and collect iconic monsters from the series to fight at their side as well as team up with iconic heroes. Ahead of their presentation at E3 2016 next week, Square Enix released a brand new English trailer:



Square Enix also announced the release date of the game: October 25, 2016. Personally I really like the aesthetic of the game, as it reminds me of a mix between Kingdom Hearts and The 4 Heroes of Light. Hopefully they’ll announced some type collector’s edition that comes with some of the characters in their chibi form.


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