Spotlight Blog: Get the low down on Japanese Idols with Prettycatchy

To kick off the start of the Spotlight Blog (name still needs work) is a blogger that I first saw on You Tube by the name of Prettycatchy. Hit the jump to know more about what she writes about and what caught my eye when I first ran into her content.

I’d like to consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to Japanese entertainment, especially when it regards to anything anime, manga, video games and to a certain extent movies. But there is one aspect of their entertainment that I don’t follow that often and that is the idol groups. While I do know some of the idol groups, I just don’t know enough about the inner workings that if someone asks me about them, I would be able to answer them. In comes Prettycatchy a blogger who is deeply interested in the world of Japanese idols. 

A student and pharmacy Molecular Biology major by day, Prettycatchy aspires to become an idol one day in the land of the rising sun and has performed in various cons in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In addition to her singing and dancing, which you can view her videos on her You Tube page here, she writes and covers all things that regard idols. From covering  AKB48’s Janken tournament, anime and rotation to explaining how idol auditions are carried out, Prettycatchy has it covered. So if you want to see an idol in the making or want to know more about the idol industry in Japan, be sure to visit her blog and her You Tube channel.  


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