Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir to haunt American 3DS owners this April

As the saying goes, color me surprised.
I first heard about Spirit Camera: The Possessed Notebook (which is the offical title in Japan) during the Tokyo Game Show and again earlier this year during the Nintendo Direct Live. It piqued my interest being a spiritual successor to the Fatal Frame games and using the AR features of the 3DS to pull players into the game. With a really cool concept dealing with the Japanese supernatural, I though the game didn’t have a chance to make it over to the US. Boy was I wrong.

Tecmo and Nintendo of America, yes the same NOA that refuses to say why they won’t bring certain games over, will be bringing the game over to the US under the new name Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir. As to why NOA is letting Tecom bring the game over to the US, who cares. It’s an interesting concept using the tech of the 3DS in a way that no other commercial/retail game has tried yet. I just hope the PR for the game is just as good as the Japanese PR for it. Check out this mini drama that Tecmo has on the 3DS trailer channel in Japan:

For a game most didn’t see coming, I really hope it does well. Maybe well enough to have Fatal Frame IV brought to the US? US gamers can get their hands on Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir, April 13, 2012. This incidentally is also Friday the 13. Coincidence or brilliant marketing? Find out when the game releases. 

Source: Siliconera


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