“Spike & Hammer”- Double Dragon IV review


I originally didn’t want to post a review for this game, but after completing the story and seeing how others have taken/disliked this game; I figured I’d share my point of view. Before Final Fight there was one other beat-em up that stole my quarters and that was Double Dragon. Since most of my time with the arcade versions were limited to Friday nights at the bowling alley, I grew very fond of the NES versions of these games. I remember being the only kid on my block to finish DD 3 over a weekend, as my friends said the game was ‘too hard.’ Double Dragon has seen a number ports and remakes over the last thirty years. Fitting that the thirtieth anniversary would see the release of an official sequel to Double Dragon 3 (Sorry Super DD).



If Double Dragon 4 looks familiar, it is because it takes its cues from DD 2. According to the timeline set by Technos/Arc System Works, DD 4 takes place shortly after DD 2. Double Dragon 4 is a love letter to fans who grew up playing the NES classics, but I’m afraid that the tone has been misinterpreted. Gamers expecting a game like DD Neon, need to keep in mind this game is MEANT to play like an NES beat-em up, and not a next gen brawler. It’s easy to forget this when holding a modern controller, but DD 4s magic is best experienced with two players and not alone. The campaign when played alone feels NES-unfair, but the tower mode (unlocked after finishing the campaign) is a test of your endurance and combat skills. Yes the screen does tear, but I feel that this is more of a nitpick than a legitimate concern. I might be accused of wearing rose tinted glasses here, but DD 4 was everything I expected a new DD to be in 2017. The levels are the right length and if not fighting smart, you WILL use every credit before the final boss. The price point alone (6.99) should be reason enough to pick up this awesome game. Call up a friend and save Marian before it’s too late! You have my eternal respect if you can tell me where the title of my review came from in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


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