Soul Sacrifice presentation videos

A while back Keiji Inafune mentioned that in addition to creating the 3DS game, Kaio: King of the Pirates and lending his likeness to various weapons and space battleships, he was also working on a PS Vita game. Famitsu has revealed it to be Soul Sacrifice, a fantasy RPGs of gruesome premise.

A few day later after the  Famitsu reveal, Sony held a special press event to better explain the gameplay of Soul Sacrifice. For those who haven’t heard about how will magic will be carried out in the game, here’s a brief explanation. Magic is cast by sacrificing objects that are around you for magical effects. Or for a more powerful version of the spell, you can sacrifice your own body parts. An example of this kind of spell craft is show in the picture, which is called Excalibur:

As you can see, the hero has ripped out his own spinal cord in order to use it as a sword. In the following videos Keiji Inafune, President of Worldwide Studios for SCE Shuhei Yoshida, and Marvelous AQL composer Yasunori Mitsuda explain a bit about how the game came into conception, the magic, music and multiplayer:
This game is a real departure from the cuddly looking Kaio, and I’m digging it. It seems that Inafune is really flexing his creative muscles with this title. There hasn’t been any word if Soul Sacrifice will be making it to the West, but I’m sure  that this is something that gamers might enjoy for the Vita. 


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