Soul Sacrifice Delta casting its way to the US May 13


During the 2013 Tokyo Game Show, in order to push the Vita, Sony came up with a campaign that promoted several multiplayer games, one of which was Soul Sacrifice Delta. Soul Sacrifice Delta is an extension/ultimate edition of the original game. In addition to several changes and new addition made to the core game, a new faction has been added, Grim. In the original Soul Sacrifice there were two factions: Avalon(bad) and Sanctuary(good). Each time an enemy or a boss was vanquished and you decide to sacrifice or absolve their soul, that action would give you influence in one of the factions. But what if you played as a neutral? What if the amount of souls you sacrifices and absolved were equal? This is where Grim comes in and despite being neutral, they still have their own agenda. A new English trailer was released that hints at new story elements and shows off some of the new bosses:


Soul Sacrifice Delta will be casting a spell on the Vita May 13, 2014.


Source: Playstation Blog


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