Soul Calibur Lost Swords

A tale of souls and swords will be told once again….and free to play.

Much like Tekken Revolution, Namco has decided to use the free to play model on a new Soul Calibur game called Soul Calibur Lost Swords. Now ever since the release of Revolution, we’ve only heard bits and pieces about the game with the occasional Japanese screen shot or trailer. Until now. Namco released a new trailer for the game, which stars the very busty Ivy as she whips her foes into submission:

What’s even better than seeing Ivy kicking some ass is knowing the launch date. The game is set to launch on Feburary 7. Now it’s not clear if this is just for Japan or worldwide, but if I had to guess it’s world wide. Not a lot of people knew that Tekken Revolution was a thing till the day it launched, which also happened to be the same day as E3 2013.


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