Snow’s Story DLC trailer

One of the last pieces of Colosseum battle DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 involves Snow and how he ended up as a L’Cie again.
Though the DLC already has been out since last week, it didn’t stop Square Enix from releasing a trailer for it. Which is good I guess, since now we can see a sample of him in action:

Not only do we get to see Snow battle Serah and Noel, but we also get to see therm wear their new DLC costumes. Serah is wear a variant of the traditional White Mage robes, while Noel is donning Black Mage robes. While Noel’s outfit looks alright, I really like Serah’s White Mage outfit. Like I said, the DLC packs are already out, with Snow’s Story priced at $3.99 and the costumes are price at $2.99 each. 


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