Sleeping Dogs Live action trailer

At this week’s Playstation Destination event, Square Enix revealed a brand new IP called Sleeping Dogs with a new live action trailer for it.
For those who don’t remember, back in E3 2010, Activision showed off True Crimes: Hong Kong. It was to be the third game in the series, but Activision stopped development of the game in May 2011 to focus on games that will net them a higher margin, (ie milk Cod, WoW, and Starcraft). Around the same time SE came along and bought the rights and assets to the game, but not the True Crime name. And now here we are two years later a new developer, United Front Games and SE getting ready to launch this game next year. Check out the live action trailer they produced for the the announcement:

 I know it’s a live action trailer, but damn this has me excited for the game. The last Hong Kong movie inspired game was Jet Li’s Rise To Honor, which was pretty good for its time. I can’t wait to see more of this game at E3 this year.


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