SDEX-Standard Wing Gundam Zero EW Review





-Slim design

-Fast build

-Iconic design

-Excellent poseability

-Fun gimmicks

-Despite heavy sticker usage, looks great



-Sticker heavy

-Will require panel lining and paint if want to make kit look even better


Whether you have been a fan of the Gundam series for years, or have just gotten into the franchise, there are two suits that are the most iconic in the series, at least I think so. Just one look at these suits and you will usually will hear, “Ah ok so that’s a Gundam”. The first one is of course the very first suit that gave birth to various version of it over years, the RX-78-2 from Mobile Suit Gundam. The second suit has been a fan favorite since the mid 90’s and continues to spawn several versions of it even up to this day. That suit is the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero from Gundam Wing and its OVA, Endless Waltz. As I mentioned, the Wing Zero has spawned off several versions of the mecha, including SD BB forms. The SD ki we’ll looking at today is apart of a new line of SD called the SDEX Standard, the SDEX XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero EW, or SDEX Wing Gundam for short.


There have been various versions of the SD Wing Zero Gundam over the years, however this version is apart of the new SDEX Standard line. This new line of SD gunpla takes the main Gundam suits of the various Gundam shows and streamlines the the design, giving them more details and making the SD look a bit more like their bigger counterparts while still keeping them in SD size. The SDEX Wing Zero has five runners, one polycap runner and and a set of stickers. Much like the Lighting Gundam that I reviewed a while back, parts are easy to snap off and leave little to no nub marks. The use of stickers on the SDEX Wing Zero is on the heavy side and are located on the shoulders, face, the camera on the V-wing, the camera on the main head, eyes, the fins on the side of the head, middle of the chest and front armor skirts. 


The SDEX Wing Zero has some of the best articulation that I have seen so far in any SD/SDEX kit. The head, arms, shoulders, legs and wings attachment (more on  that later) move with ease and can take on most poses. Pair the SDEX Wing Zero with an action base and you can pull of even more dynamic poses.



As I mentioned earlier, the SDEX Wing Zero is heavy on the sticker side, and  are located as follows: shoulders, face, the camera on the V-wing, the camera on the main head, eyes, the fins on the side of the head, middle of the chest and front armor skirts. While there are a lot of stickers to place on the SDEX Wing Zero, the en result is a pretty nice looking gunpla. However if you want to take the SDEX Wing Zero to the next level, I suggest give it a paint job and panel lining.





As for its gimmick, the SDEX Wing Zero has a couple involving its wings and beam rifle. The first gimmick attaching the wings to the rifle to transform it into the Winged beam rifle. I would post a picture of what the Winged rifle looks like, but the piece that connects the rifle to the wings broke. The other gimmick is its wings. The SDEX Wing Zero has a back piece that four wings can be attached to in any way. Again, when paired with an action base would make some really epic and dynamic poses.




Overall the SDEX Wing Gundam Zero was a really fun build. Assembly and sticker application only took an hour or so, which makes the SDEX Wing Gundam Zero a fast build. Its articulation paired with its wings and an action base will yield plenty of epic poses. However the kit is very sticker heavy so do take some time placing the stickers in the right places. I highly recommend  that instead of using stickers, take some paint and panel liner to the kit. This will make an already good looking SD look even better.





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