San Japan 7: Super High School Level Panel Part One


One of the anime shows that I closely watched during the 2013 Spring/Summer season (besides Attack on Titian) was Danganronpa The Animation. The show itself was an adaptation of a PSP game of the same name which also was ported over to the Vita. The premise of the show and games are the same: a group of students are trap in a high school in which a twisted bear by the name Monokuma is the principal. The only way to graduate is to murder one another and get away with it. Once a murder is found, the students investigate the murder and gather evidence for a class trial. Here the students try to find out who is the murderer. If they are right, the murder is punished and the rest of the students live. If they are wrong everyone but the murderer will be punished. This continues till there is only one student left. Think of it as Ace Attorney meets Battle Royale.


Like any popular anime, fans started to cosplay as characters from the anime. However one group of fans took it a bit further. At San Japan 7 there was a panel I and my camera man went to called the Super High School Level Panel. This was a interactive panel staring cosplayers in character as the students in Danganronpan. Other than an audio technical difficulty it was a really enjoyable panel. If you missed out on the panel, we did get the chance to record the whole thing. Due to how my camera records video, here is the first part of the panel. Also I added something a bit extra, so enjoy!



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