San Japan 7: Super High School Level Panel Finale


Now before we get to the epic conclusion of the Super High School Level Panel, some final thoughts. I already mentioned about the audio issues that the panel had. I’ve been a part of a panel before so I understand that sometimes the equipment just craps out on you and you have no choice but to keep the show going. The cast of the SHSLP did a great job of still being in character even with audio difficulties.

Another thing that I want to mention, and this came to me when looking over the videos is the spoiler free rule. I understand that you want to keep things as spoiler free as possible for new people, but the majority of the people in attendance seem to know the source material. May I suggest that instead of using story elements from the game, that you create your own original scenario using the same setting and characters (depending on who is available to be cast).

Other than those two things, this panel was one of the most fun panels that I’ve attended in all my years coming to San Japan. The costumes were really awesome looking, and I have to give props to the Mondo Oowada cosplayer for the most epic hair I have seen in a cosplay. I hope panel returns to San Japan, maybe take everyone to an island paradise perhaps?

Anyways without further ado, the stunning conclusion to the Super High School Level Panel:


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