Resident Evil Chronicles HD trailer and release date

It looks like its going to be a Resident Evil year in 2012. In addition to games Operation Raccoon City, Revelations, and RE6, the new movie Retribution, and the CG movie Damnation there will be another RE game.
Resident Evil Chronicles HD is the HD update for the Wii games Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles coming out for the PS3 June 26. The game will sport of course HD graphics, Move enabled motions. dualshock compatibility, trophies and much more. Capcom also has released a second trailer to the game, showing off some of the control options:

While some people want to see both the RE franchise and the Move gone forever, I might pick this game up. I’ve been saying for a while that publishers like Capcom and Namco should just port over all of their light gun games to the PS3. 


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