PSX 2017: Sir Daniel Fortesque returns from the dead as a remaster MediEvil is revealed


When you think of characters from Playstations early years who do you think of? Crash? Spyro? Croc? How about Sir Daniel Fortesque? Early Playstation fans might remember him as the undead knight from Medievil. As Sony continues to get the nostalga bug, they revealed at PSX 2017 that they will be resurrecting Medievil and giving it the Crash N’Sane treatment. Here’s the teaser trailer celebrating Sir Daniel’s second coming:



With the success of the Crash N’Sane trillogy, Sony is hoping that lighting will strike twice for them. I’m really not too sure, its no Spryo (which is what really everyone wants to see get upgraded) but maybe it garner enough interest. Medievil is set for a release window of 2018.


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