PSX 2017: Capcom shows off story trailer for Monster Hunter World


Its been years since the Monster Hunter series was on a Playstation platform, at least in the West, While games contuined to be released in Japan for the Vita and PS3, the only way Playstation fans could get their Monster Hunter fix was to head to Nintendo’s DS systems. Now the series is back on Playstation (as well as PC and Xbox One) with Monster Hunter World. At PSX 2017, Capcom revealed a new story trailer for the game called The Third Fleet:




The previous Monster Hunter games did’t really have much in terms of story other than hunt monster and harvest its parts for cool armor. In World, it seems that the hunters turn out to be more than hunters but explorers as well. Whatever the case is I’m glad to see Monster Hunter return to home consoles. Monster Hunter World is set for a January 26, 2018 release for PS4, Xbox One and PC. However if you want to get a taste of the hunt, Capcom is running an open beta right now exclusively for PS Plus member through Tuesday December 12.


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