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The PS4 has been out for six months already. Since then the system has seen a couple of minor updates and adjustments made to the software. However one of the most requested feature has yet to be implemented: the ability to use an external game capture device to record gameplay through HDMI. See every product that has HDMI inputs/outputs has this thing called HDCP. HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection and is used as a way to prevent the copying of digial media. In layman terms, it prevents people from recording Blue-rays and DVDs. A low tech example would be when trying to record a show on VHS and getting the signal scrambled as a result. HDCP is mainly used to combat piracy, which is a good thing, however with the rise of game capture devices using HD signals for high quality videos HDCP has been a problem. Until now.


Or at least coming soon. Scott McCarthy, SCEA’s director of product planing and software innovation, has taken to the Playstation Blog to announce the PS4 firmware update 1.70 is coming soon. One of the major features that 1.70 sports the the ability to turn off HDCP and allow the use for external game capture devices. This is perfect for people who like to record their gameplay and upload it to You Tube. But what if you don’t have a game capture device and you still want to upload videos but using the PS4? Sony has you covered as well.




Included with update 1.70 is SHAREfactory. If you can recall, the PS3 had a similar video editing app that was release a long time ago. SHAREfactory is the evolution of that app and an upgrade from the PS4 current video editor. As the video has shown you can now add transitions, commentary, your own music and can either upload it to Facebook or download the video to am exteral USB drive and then upload it to You Tube.


The date for update 1.70 has not been specified just yet, but if I had to guess, it might be sometime either in May or right before the start of E3.


Source: Playstation Blog


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