Project X Zone 2 coming Westward this Fall

Project X Zone was one of  those games, much like the Operation Rainfall trio, that once fans decided that they wanted it no matter what, convinced Bandai Namco to bring over. However having three companies (Namco, SEGA, Capcom) have licensed and company mascot characters in the same game proved to be a bit of a problem, at least in the US where licensing laws are different from Japan’s. Fan spoke with t heir wallets and it became one of the most popular 3DS games in 2013. Now developer Monolith is back with Project X Zone 2. Here is the trailer that was released:



As you can see there are some returning characters, different versions of characters that where in the last game and brand new characters. And this is just the early list. Monolith promises that the roster will be just as big, or even bigger than the first game.  Project X Zone 2 is set for a Fall 2015 Western release.


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