PlayStation Experience 2016: PaRappa The Rapper Remastered trailer and demo


Crash Bandicoot wasn’t the only Playstation mascot character to have a remaster announced at this past weekend’s Playstation Experience 2016 keynote conference. Parappa the Rapper is also getting a remaster version as well. Here’s the trailer showing off the game, now in HD with 4K support:



I never owned a Playstation growing up, but I do remember playing a demo of the game whenever my family went to Sears and I would wander off to the games section. Even with that small section of the game, it made me a fan of not just the character but the genre that it was an early precursor to: the music rhythm genre. In addition to the trailer a demo of the game is out now on the PS4. Relive your childhood/teen memories when Parappa the Rapper release in 2017.



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