PAX South preview: Broken Bots by Bunnycopter

So far most of the games we are previewing ahead of PAX South are domestic, meaning that they are from US or at least from North America. For this game preview, the devs are from Europe, Belgium to be more accurate. Lately there has been a lot of games coming out of Belgium that have been getting some great reviews. Bunnycopter hopes that Broken Bots is one of them. But first let’s get to know a bit about Bunnycopter.




Bunnycopter is composed of two people: artist Toon Van Wemmel and coder Niels Dehaes. As mentioned before the two are from Leuven, Belgium. Before working on Broken Bots Toon primarily did title animations and motion design Niels was studying C# for about five years and studies game design at one point but though doing was better than studying so he struck out on his own. As for the idea of Broken Bots, it came to them while they were on vacation in France with their girlfriends and then inspiration hit.



One year later and this is what have developed. Not bad for a team of only two guys. The game kind of reminds me of a sup’ed version of tanks mixed with SMASH TV. From the looks of it there seems to be some customization of the robots and various power ups. The problem with these type of games that I have personally is that these type of games tend to fit better on a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard. So hopefully there’s will be an option to play with a controller. We’ll see when Saturday rolls around.


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