PAX South preview: Ad Magic Games

Within the last couple of years or so, thanks to Kickstarter, traditional gaming has been making a come back. By traditional gaming I mean tabletop games, board games, card games etc. These games have been seeing a lot of popularity for those who wish to unplug themselves from the TV and hang out with friends just like in the good ole’ days. All was well and people were connecting to each other like they used to do back when they were kids. Then came Cards Against Humanity and things were never the same again. Ok so I might be exaggerating a bit there, but like I mentioned thanks to Kickstarter traditional gaming has starting to be come relevant again and we are seeing unique games such as CAH make an impact and impression on today’s society. So who exactly is Ad Magic Games and what is their connection with CAH?


Ad Magic Games is a custom tabletop game printer. Actually they are not just any printer but one of the fastest growing and most successful custom tabletop game printer in the US, with over 10 million customized card and board games including CAH. So why are they coming to PAX South? It seems that there is a big concentration of indie gaming for PAX South, which includes the tabletop and card kind. AdMagic Games will be on the expo floor showing off the following games:




In addition to checking out these games, I will have the chance to talk to Ad Magic’s CEO and founder Shari Spiro about a ton of things: how she got started, where the industry is going, the company’s various partnerships with developers and most importantly why did you send bullshit?


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