PAX South 2018 preview: Ancestors


While I might not have the finger dexterity that I had once in the past, I really enjoy RTS games. For me they have overtaken chess as the game to exercise my brain and test out my mental acuity. That and I enjoy seeing my units decimate the enemy’s front-line. And while it may seem that every type of scenario has been has been done (both fictional and historical) there’s always one that manages to sneak up from behind like a horde of angry Saxons.Speaking of Saxons, they and three other Middle Age European societies will be storming the halls of PAX South 2018 next weekend in  Ancestors.



Ancestors is a a historically accurate RTS game developed by Destructive Creations. The game will have four different playable nations (Viking, Anglo-Saxon, German, Slav) that players can control through a single player campaign inspired by historical events. Players will also be able to battle to the death in intense multiplayer battles.  You can face the hordes of barbarians of Ancestors next weekend at PAX South 2018.


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