PAX South 2017 Preview: Mages of Mystralia by Borealys Games


Imagine living in a world that living in a world that has banned all magic due to a terrible tragedy that happened centuries ago. Now imagine that one day you discovered that you have a gift for magic and want to learn to how to control it but can’t due to the ban. What to you do? Do you try to hide your powers and try to live a normal life? Or do you set out on a grand adventure to learn more about your powers and, like in many fantasy stories, save the world? Players will get that chance in Mages of Mystralia.


In Mages of Mystralia you are a young girl named Zia, who discovers that she is able to use magic. However the use of magic has been banned, so she sets out on an adventure to learn how to use her new found powers. Along the way she meets other exiled mages and discovers runes with magical properties that can let her create new spells by combing different runes together. The game look very pretty thanks to its cartoon cell shading art style that draws inspiration from Windwaker. The game has no release date set just yet, but it will be coming to the PC via Steam and PS4 sometime in 2017. Borealys Games will be at PAX South this weekend showing off a playable demo of Mages of Mystralia


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