PAX South 2016 Preview: tinyBuild brings trains and the post-apocalypse together with Final Station


After making a huge splash at last year’s inaugural PAX South, publisher/developer tinyBuild is coming back for another year of amazing and unique indie games. In addition to last year’s releases of Party Hard, Punch Club, and Dungelot: Shattered Lands tinyBuild will be showing off four brand new games during PAX South 2016. One of the new games that will be playable during the show is a post-apocalyptic survival game called Final Station:



In the Final Station you are a lone train attendant/security guard riding on one of the last working train engine in a post-apocalyptic world. As you ride the rails, you encounter abandoned stations that you can scavenge for parts and fuel. Sometimes you might even run into survivors and infected. Whatever the case you must keep the train going as long as you can till you reach the final station/end of the line; even if it means having to kick off some survivors if they are causing trouble. Think Walking Dead mixed with the game Faster Than Light.

Final Station has no set release date however tinyBuild will be showing off a playable demo of the game at PAX South 2016, which takes place next week January 29th through January 31st.


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